2024 Programme

Basic Conducting Course

The Basic Conducting Course will take place during one week, from August, 25th to August, 31st 2024, in Todi (Umbria), Assembly  Hall of the Classical Lycée “Jacopone da Todi”, Largo Martino I (near San Fortunato church). First lesson: Sunday, August, 25th 2024, at 3.30 p.m..

Subject of the course: methods of score analysis and study, baton technique, instrumental technique, conducting.

Participation is limited to a maximum of 10 conductors (first come, first served). All participating conductors will have opportunities to conduct a chamber ensemble and a chamber orchestra. Workshop conducting sessions will be recorded and some of them will be discussed together. All the students will conduct in the final concerts  and will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course schedule

August 25th    15.30-18.30   course

August 26th   9:00-12:00/13:00-15:00    course

August 27th    9:00-12:00/13:00-15:00   course

August 28th   9:00-13:30   rehearsal (ensemble)

August 29th     9:00-13:30  rehearsal (orchestra)

August 30th    9:00-13:30   rehearsal (orchestra)

August 31st   10:00-13:00   view of the rehearsal session recorded on Friday

(Afternoon) Acoustic/settling test and concert conducted by the students


    1. 1. A. CATALANI A sera


    1. 2. G. DONIZETTI “Tirolese” da La figlia del reggimento


    1. 3. F.J. HAYDN Kindersinfonie


    1. 4. M.MARZI Irish Suite (Wickymusic)


    1. 5. W. A. MOZART Divertimento in re maggiore KV 136 (Bärenreiter)


    1. 6. G. PUCCINI Crisantemi


    1. 7. J. SIBELIUS Impromptu dall’op. 5 n. 5 e n. 6 (Breitkopf&Härtel)


    1. 8. E. VILLANI-CÔRTES Cinco Miniaturas Brasileiras


    9. A. VIVALDI Concerto in re minore “Madrigalesco” F. XI n. 10

Elementi di direzione d’orchestra by Fabrizio Dorsi, Volonté & Co. publisher, is the textbook of the Basic Conducting Course.

The score by Marco Marzi can be purchased from EMW info@wickymusic.com   (+39)02.460412  
Participants are requested to study at least three scores before their arrival in Todi.

Fees: Application fee € 250

Course fee € 550

Application deadline: July, 31st, 2024

The attached form, including application fee, should be completed and mailed by priority mail to:

Associazione Culturale Jacopone.

Corso di avviamento alla direzione d’orchestra

c/o Pro Todi Via Mazzini 11,

I-06059 Todi PG

or by e-mail to


Please, be sure to enclose your € 250 application fee
(refundable only in case of cancellation of the course or
of overbooking) to the following bank address:
Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Agenzia di Todi.

IBAN IT23R0306938701100000001013 

Accommodation in Todi

Situated in a place rich of hills, in perfect harmony with the surrounding country, provided of a modern and functional system of services, Todi appears as a “sustainable” town, in contradiction with the tendence to realize large and chaotic urban centers. The town is rich of monuments: the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione (a building of the late Renaissance), the gothic Temple of San Fortunato, the aristocratic Piazza del Popolo. Todi had 365 castles too, strewn among the hills. Many of them are still visible.

Students can take advantage of the favorable conditions offered by a guest house located in the historic centre:

Monastero SS. Annunziata – Via S.Biagio, 2 – I-06059 Todi PG – Tel. (+39)393.9386900 – Mobile (+39)334.6447262 –info@monasterossannunziatatodi.it

 For farmhouse apartments:

Agriturismo Poponi – Via delle Piagge, 26 – I-06059 Todi PG – Mobile (+39)339.7512080 agriturismopoponi@gmail.com

For apartments in the historic centre:

Welcomeservice – info@welcomeservice.it – Mobile (+39)339.6531677

More info:  Cocoon Travels – Shopping Centre ”Il Quadrifoglio” – Ponterio di Todi – Tel. (+39)0758987364 – info@cocoontravels.com